Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

The girls showing off their new matching dresses.
Katie Beth was so excited when she opened a present from Mason that was slippers she had really wanted. Mason spent a lot of his own money on them because he knew she would be excited to get them.

Santa left a new ipod for Katie Beth....that is all she really wanted!!! This picture shows her excitement when she sees it.

All the kids waiting patiently to see what Santa brought!

Santa's plate with a note and cookies.

I can't imagine what Christmas would be like without kids. They are the ones that bring so many smiles to our faces! They are the ones that we get excited about shopping for a couple of months before the special day. To is the most amazing day of the whole year!!! We had such a fun day. All the grown-ups watched as the kids opened presents...trying to keep up with who the giver of each gift was. When the kids finally finished we all needed a little breakfast. We then realized no grown-ups had opened any presents yet. We were so focused on kids opening and their excitement and helping them get to the toy that is extremely secured inside each package, that we hadn't even thought about what was given us. It was fun to give all the grown-ups their presents also. After opening gifts and cleaning up the piles of wrapping, we all headed to a couple of nursing homes to visit some ladies and do some caroling for them. We all realized how thankful we should be to have family to celebrate with and a comfy home to be in during Christmas.
The day is drawing to a close and everyone is winding down. What a wonderful, exciting day that reminds me of all that I have to be thankful for.
God Bless and Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a job!!!

I am a new blogger and have a lot to learn! I can't seem to make time to keep posting regularly. But I have an awesome job!! I am actually messing around with my blog right now at work so that I can learn how some things work for JLA purposes. I created a blog for a group recently that they are using as a discussion board. It's up and going, but I am seeing what all it can do. Learning more about grouping and labeling some things, limiting access, etc.

As much as I have a hard time appreciating winter, our family has tried to look at some positives this week. We have enjoyed a couple of dinners on the living room floor by some warm, beautiful fires that my sweet husband keeps going. I think we have finally gotten up all the Christmas to just get all the boxes back up in the attic tonight. The kids always enjoy helping get out all the Christmas stuff and Greg just waits patiently for me to get the mess back up in the attic. Greg and I have enjoyed some hot coffee a lot more recently. And of course cuddling is one of my favorite things about winter!