Monday, February 23, 2009

So This is SNOW!!!

So this is what snow looks, it is cold!!!! Mason and Katie Beth got to see snow for the first time this last week when we made a trip to go skiing in Banner Elk, NC with a group from church. When we first got there, I caught Mason and Katie Beth just looking around soaking it all in.

What's snow without a snow fight! Katie Beth had her first snow fight with Ms. Leslie.

Greg and I had fun together getting to go down the slopes a couple of times together without having to help the kids.

Emerson enjoyed the snow for a little while, but spent most of the day in the lodge.

On the bunny slope learning this whole concept of keeping your balance on basically...ICE.

Mason decided snowboarding was what he wanted to try and he picked it up very well. Mason starting to get the hang of it on the bunny slope.

In line for the chair lift to do the "REAL DEAL".

Mason and KB did so awesome overall. Mason made several runs down the green slope and a few down a blue slope. Katie Beth went down the green slope 4 times and was very proud of herself. Even though we had success by the end of the day, that doesn't mean we didn't have quite a few spills.

After Katie Beth's first time down the green slope which is right behind us.

Mason and Greg on their way up to the top.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

Greg and Katie Beth had so much fun at the Daddy/Daughter Dance this year. This is a special night that Katie Beth always looks forward to with her daddy and friends. They went to have a nice dinner at Logan's with some friends. Then they headed to the Civic Center for the big dance. They got pictures taken, purchased t-shirts, drank punch and danced to the music. All the girls looked beautiful!!!

Greg already takes the opportunity every year to let Katie Beth know how she should expect a boy to treat her. This year she said, "Can we stop talking about that?!" Greg said, "No! You need to know how boys are suppose to treat you."

Katie Beth loved the fact that Emerson was a year older and would get down and dance with her. They were at the dance an hour and a half and Greg said Katie Beth was dancing pretty much the whole time. Greg had a couple of groovy moves himself. She fell asleep on the way home at 9:00 pm.

Mason and I always get a good date night when they are gone. We got some dinner to go and rented "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian". We got a fire log that would burn for 2 hours and sat by the fire watching the movie. We really enjoyed our evening bundled up in the big chair...with a the fire...watching a movie.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Party

We had so much fun last night with lots of friends in our Life Group! Everyone came over for the Super Bowl party and WOW, that was a fun game to watch. I don't necessarily get into football that much, but if it is an exciting game then I enjoy it. We had 25 people that showed up to watch and hang out. I looked outside and noticed cars lining the street in the front and cars all in our driveway in the back. I feel so blessed to have a home where we can have lots of people over. We had tons to eat: grilled chicken strips (Gregs), Don's wings, fruit tray, veggie tray, chips and yummy dip, crackers and shrimp dip and tons of desserts. Our living room was packed with people staring at our not so huge TV and kids were playing, having a great time. Greg's highlight of the evening was Mason sitting right beside him for 4 hours watching the whole Super Bowl game...a dream come true for a daddy that loves sports.

Fun Time with Emerson

We got to keep Emerson for 6 days while Matt and Tammy went to Los Angeles. We had so much fun with her. She adapted so well and just became part of our family. Mason and Katie Beth were so awesome with her. They took care of her just as much as Greg and I did. They had so much fun playing with her. We got to hear a lot of "HOLD YOU" and "LET'S PLAY". She didn't cry missing her mommy and daddy...praise the Lord...but I know she had to be wondering what was taking them so long to come back.
What a BLESSING to have family in get to watch my neice grow up and be a part of her life!!!