Thursday, January 8, 2009

Amazing Kids

I have the best kids in the world!!! Now there are times that I wonder if anything we are trying to teach them is sinking in....but there are even more moments that I watch them and think WOW! THOSE ARE OUR KIDS! I am so thankful for them. They really have wonderful hearts and great personalities.

I have so many prayers for them: their future spouses, their friends...both now and future, their relationship with our awesome God, their physical well being, their emotional health, the way they see others and treat others, the way they feel about themselves, those that have influence in their lives (teachers, family, church family, kids they look up to, etc.), and more.

It's soooo overwhelming at times and then I remember we don't have to do this all ourselves. First of all, we've got God on our side and if we continually ask him for wisdom in parenting and protection for them....He will provide! Secondly, we have so many wonderful people that God has put in our lives to help mentor them, teach them and be good examples for them.
I just take one day at a time...try my best at parenting...and trust God to take care of the rest.


The day after Christmas we took the kids to their first Drive-In Movie with Kyle, Jamie, Jimmy and cousins in Dothan. We saw the new Disney movie, Bedtime Stories. We pulled in, opened the trunks, brought pillows and blankets and got comfy. We also had popcorn, drinks and fruit snacks. What more could you want for...we had a great time. Jimmy had quite the set-up with his comfy chair.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What a Couple of Fun Weeks

We have had a great couple of weeks. Getting to spend time in Dothan with Greg's family was really fun. Then last week it was nice to be back home and have the kids out of school...staying up later, sleeping later, reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever each night, playing family games on our new Wii, going to play Putt-Putt...just enjoying our family.
Greg had an exciting opportunity to go to Orlando and watch Michigan State play Georgia in The Capitol One Bowl on New Year's Day. Michigan State is his team and they don't get that close around here very often. He had a wonderful couple of days hanging out with his friends and watching his team. The kids and I went to spend New Year's Eve with Tammy and Emerson...we had a night out at Steak and Shake and spent the night in the living room at their house. We had a great time staying up late and watching the events in Rockefeller Plaza, but didn't make it until midnight. We knew Emerson would be starting the day early whether we wanted to sleep or not, so we decided sleep was a must.
Then Saturday we had our dear friends, The Barretts, come to visit for a couple of days. We miss them so much and had a wonderful visit. Sterling, Tina, Greg and I would stay up late catching up in all areas of life. The kids had a great time playing together...Emanuel especially liked MarioKart on the Wii. They left today...the kids started back to school life is back as we knew it before. Greg and I must go back to work tomorrow and our routine will get back to normal. In some ways that is others, I will miss the flexibility we have had. The memories we made will be special!