Thursday, January 8, 2009


The day after Christmas we took the kids to their first Drive-In Movie with Kyle, Jamie, Jimmy and cousins in Dothan. We saw the new Disney movie, Bedtime Stories. We pulled in, opened the trunks, brought pillows and blankets and got comfy. We also had popcorn, drinks and fruit snacks. What more could you want for...we had a great time. Jimmy had quite the set-up with his comfy chair.


Anonymous said...

Drive-in in January??? Boy, ain't the South great!?!?! Little Jim musta been to one before...ha! What a nice setup in the back of the car, too. We always went down front under the screen and played on the playground. Probably don't have that anymore, but amazing someone still has a Drive-in. They'll always remember that one! Great idea!!


Anonymous said...

Make that December....I don't think they've moved Christmas yet!

Dad :)

Anonymous said...

What fun!! I know the kids loved that and will always remember going. Do you remember when we took you girls in St. Louis and it started pouring rain? Mom