Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

Greg and Katie Beth had so much fun at the Daddy/Daughter Dance this year. This is a special night that Katie Beth always looks forward to with her daddy and friends. They went to have a nice dinner at Logan's with some friends. Then they headed to the Civic Center for the big dance. They got pictures taken, purchased t-shirts, drank punch and danced to the music. All the girls looked beautiful!!!

Greg already takes the opportunity every year to let Katie Beth know how she should expect a boy to treat her. This year she said, "Can we stop talking about that?!" Greg said, "No! You need to know how boys are suppose to treat you."

Katie Beth loved the fact that Emerson was a year older and would get down and dance with her. They were at the dance an hour and a half and Greg said Katie Beth was dancing pretty much the whole time. Greg had a couple of groovy moves himself. She fell asleep on the way home at 9:00 pm.

Mason and I always get a good date night when they are gone. We got some dinner to go and rented "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian". We got a fire log that would burn for 2 hours and sat by the fire watching the movie. We really enjoyed our evening bundled up in the big chair...with a the fire...watching a movie.


Jay said...

...I heard about Greg's dance moves. :) George said he was a dancing machine! haha.

George takes SJ on dates and they talk about how a boy is supposed to treat her... I am sure KB's response is coming, but right now she can't picture herself with anyone but George. I love that! How funny... can we stop talking about this... NEVER!! :)

Tammy said...

I stole some of your pictures. Thanks! I'm glad Greg is teacking Katie Beth and I know it is soaking in. I'm so glad they are able to go together and that Katie Beth loves Emerson so much.

Anonymous said...

These sort of pictures and thoughts of such a wonderful relationship developing between our sons and their daughters bring more joy, peace and happiness to our hearts than we can say! Beautiful girls with beautiful little hearts! Thank you Greg and Matt!


Dad & Mom....Papa & Nana